Crain Burns Associates, LLC

We all want to be more productive, in our businesses or our jobs. Sometimes, we need a little help to get that boost.   Nancy Burns, president of Crain Burns Associates LLC, and a Performance Excellence Consultant, is just the person to provide that help.

After years moving “up the ladder” in corporate America, Dr. Burns established her own business in 2013.  She chose to focus in performance improvement, in which she has had much experience.

Nancy Burns shared the objective of her business. “Crain Burns Associates can help you improve profitability with our services in business performance improvement, as well as in organizational and project planning. We believe that people are your strongest asset! By integrating business performance improvement methodologies, organizational and project planning, you will see your business soar to new heights before your eyes. We will introduce proven processes and tools that can continue to assist your business in achieving and retaining a competitive advantage. Our services include measuring the enhanced potential results and following up to ensure that you are realizing the most for your investment. With effective implementation of our methodologies, we will work with you so that your business will soar to a new level!”

When I met with Dr. Burns, I learned about her background and how she got into this business. As a project manager and business analyst for a financial services organization, she focused on performance improvement.  During her time there, she worked with executives on business/IT strategies. Over the years, she has mentored several people, including an international company director in information technology and marketing. She helped him build a strategic, tactical and operational plan to present to his boss. Dr. Burns also helped an employee who thought she had received a bad performance review. As Dr. Burns dug deeper into the details, she helped the employee learn she had just misinterpreted the boss’ intentions. She’d actually gotten a positive review. Dr. Burns then coached her on how to process feedback. In addition, Dr. Burns facilitated vision planning/strategic planning sessions for some non-profit organizations.

Why should you consider Crain Burns over other business consultants?  Consider her many years of organizational experience, degrees and certifications, including ISPI (International Society of Performance Improvement).  Her education includes an MBA and a Ph.D. in business: organization and management.  She also teaches business courses in the classroom and online.

For more information or for a FREE half-hour initial session, call Nancy at Crain Burns LLC at (248)756-7220, or e-mail her at


“I really appreciated the opportunity to be allowed to participate in the first SpringBoard Class.  Over the years, I have seen many facets of the business from start- up of new businesses to the maturity and continuation of others.  The organization with which I am currently associated is now in the continuation phase and planning for the future.  SpringBoard has not only been helpful to me but has also given guidance to the rest of the management team during this planning time.  No matter at what stage your business is, SpringBoard can assist you in the planning and implementation of improvements.  We have new members joining our organization and I am going to strongly recommend that they participate in the first available SpringBoard class.  To everyone who made SpringBoard possible, thank you for bringing this program to the upper Cumberland.”  – L. G.

“Nancy Burns provided us with guidance for our strategic planning process. Since we are a relatively new non-profit corporation, this was our first strategic plan. She educated us about the strategic planning process and then led us through efficient meetings to develop our strategic plan. She found ways to ensure that everybody was heard and involved in the process. As a result, we have a strategic plan that gives us clear direction for the future and we are all comfortable with it. Nancy’s leadership in this process was a key to our successful planning.” – Rich Soenen, Chairman, Youth Achievement Foundation Inc.

“I would like to personally thank you for your time, knowledge, and allowing my indulgence on your time this weekend in your MGT 230 class. You were the example of true professionalism and what I aspire to be as a professor.” – Tommie Walker, Adjunct Instructor