Profile: Mountainview Studio

“Breathe” is the focus for this year (2017) for Mountainview Studio. “The mind plays a role in how we feel, and how the mind-body connection is so important to our lives,” owner and Pilates instructor Sue Butkus explained. If you experience pain of any kind, Pilates may be a tool for you – to train your body and brain to rehabilitate itself. Other services offered at Mountainview Studio include Pilates (in class or in private), Tai Chi, Health Coaching, Massage, and Acupuncture.

Now in their 11th year of operation, Mountainview Studio is characterized as a holistic fitness and wellness center. I had the opportunity to ask Sue what it is that they teach their clients and she replied, “The objective of Mountainview Studio is to teach clients to move safely, comfortably and mindfully– no matter what they choose to do. Clients are encouraged to gain confidence by returning to their youthful vigor.”

After years of training in gym settings, it became clear to Sue that many people need to move in a more relaxed and quiet atmosphere. In Chicago, Illinois, Sue found a greater appreciation for the studio settings where individual clients could achieve long-term life style changes. Instruction of Pilates and Tai Chi has created a system of “movement therapy” for our clients.

When speaking with Sue, I asked her how someone can really benefit from this type of therapy and she replied, “the Eastern holistic art of massage, reflexology, Reiki, Jin Shin and Acupuncture provide clients with “manual therapy” which unlocks the energy flow within the body. Thus, the combination of movement and manual therapy differentiates Mountainview Studio from other fitness wellness centers.
Each month Mountainview Studio offers discounts with regard to their class card packages and promotions with regard to their manual therapy services.”

Sue Butkus hails from Chicago, Illinois and has lived in Crossville, TN since 2003. She is continually intrigued by the beauty of this area and charm of the people who reside here.
Sue is certified by the American Council on Exercise and the Pilates Method Alliance.
For more information, call Mountainview Pilates at 931-707-3695, and visit


– I am so happy with the results I can see and feel in my flexibility, strength, posture and endurance as a result of learning Pilates with Sue Butkus at Mountainview Studio. I highly recommend Pilates to anyone who wants to be stronger, more flexible, and stand taller. Sue is a wonderful trainer and an invaluable resource for me in my personal quest to be healthier. This is a process that anyone at any fitness level can start and see progress in a short period of time. I love it and it makes me feel great. Steve Stone

– I began taking Sue’s Pilates classes this past spring, and I feel that I am really seeing changes in my body that I had hoped for. Sue is a fun and very enthusiastic instructor. I always leave her classes feeling like I’ve done something good for myself and made some good progress in my efforts towards fitness. Sharon Kington

– I have enjoyed Pilates with Sue so much this session. I am beginning to feel stronger through my mid–section and see some dramatic changes in some troubled spots that, in the past, have not been easily targeted. At this time in my life, I feel it is no longer an option to have a physical fitness program; and at Laughing Bodies, it can be tailored to my own needs and concerns, with lots of fun in the process. Sue is an inspiration as I go through the techniques of strengthening my body and changing my thinking. Not only is she an excellent teacher but an outstanding example of a woman challenging herself to be stronger and more physically fit as the years pass. I feel the Cumberland/Crossville area is so very fortunate to have access to this life–changing experience. Katharine Miller

– We began taking Sue’s class last spring. We have enjoyed Sue’s methods of teaching & have greatly improved our flexibility and strength. We would highly recommend Sue’s classes. Phyllis & Len

– Sue Butkus and associates, through Pilates, helped me reduce arthritis pain and improve my range of motion, which gave me more freedom of movement, which in turn improved my golf game. Steve Blackburn

– Last year, I visited Mountainview Studios and had an introductory Pilates lesson with Sue Butkus, owner.  I was so impressed I signed up for 5 sessions, and continue a year later.  As a runner and golfer, I have injured some parts of my body and am strengthening my core with her expert guidance.  Irene Blackburn